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Im sorry if this is in the wrong place. I pre ordered game, i played in open beta, i played in headstart...I went to buy the $239 lifetime acct, but i see its $299.00....
I found out through forums that the 239 was only til 2/1/10, which I did not bad
So does the $299.00 lifetime offer the same things...or what do you get extra besides paying 2 years up front?
What I really wanted to do was play as a rescued Borg, sounded fun...But if that option is not available now (which I dont understand why it would not be) then why would anyone buy the lifetime? This game so far doesnt show promise for over 2 years of life...But I can be wrong....

Anyway Im not sure why they would offer a lifetime acct with extras only to people if they bought it before game went live?

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