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Pvp needs to have either rewards stripped down for the losing side or taken out completely.

I dont think players that do not win in pvp battles should get nearly as much reward as players get on the winning side.

This to me creates issues like ive seen first hand and Zone chat in pvp that goes liike this...

***pvp mathc starts, Klingons are outmanned by a couple so we decide to stay cloaked until the odds even out***

5 mins later

Fed player in zone chat" Come on uz klinks get attacking we dont have all day, just come on in and die alreayd, we get the same reward whether you win or lost...

at about that time some klingon douche bag says yup and just keeps running into the fed bal to get it over quickly...while im one of those types that like to fight to win...whehter the match takes me 10 min or an hour...

but as of now the games pvp, limited pve, etc is setup to do it quickly and level quickly...

PVP needs more menaing, needs rewards cut down in some fashion imho....

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