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02-05-2010, 04:18 PM
I did not get the memo where the Bird of Prey was made into some uber ship with hidden hull strengths.... yeah, we get universal BO's on the weakest ship in game that can move fast. Were a mosquito with flexible options... same as we were in Open Beta. The only change I can think of was the addition of actual gear in T1... and the nerfing of MES which has changed the T2 Fed uberness (think the biggest baddest ships in game that also have the same major strength of their weaker flying enemies).

There are a TON of options in this game.... do you go as a TANK build? Tank with DPS? Tank with Crowd Control? Damge with Crowd control? Crowd control with heals? I think there are too many FED pve players comming into pvp with the same skills they have just "liked" in pvp... The trick is, you have to experiment with skills, waste thru them to find the ones that match your playstyle. You also have to think about the greater good your character will play.... RULE OF THE NICHE! You have to also remain steady on your game plan... as you play your skills improve.... a poor skill today can become a strong skill tommorow as you put points into sensors, deflectors, emitters, cannons, beams, etc...

SO MANY OPTIONS!!!! so yes, skill comes into play more then anything else... only way to get skill is to practice. You will fail on the way.... There was no button hit that made klingons better... In fact, Klingon's are not better, just a lot of groupping is encouraged on our side. All the feds I chat with just tell me about the idiots trying to lead and the people just charging in not even thinking. Happens on both sides... get over the fact that you can't "eat klingons for breakfast" every match. I sometimes am on the top of scoreboards, and sometimes I don't even get a point....

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