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02-05-2010, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Moriir
I have played many other MMO's myself and I love this game too. I find it a blast and could play for many hours at a time. I am a trekker for 30 some years and I watch the shows and movies over and over.
I really like your post
Thanks man! Every game will have mixed reviews, and I guess as long as the reviews don't tip to heavy to the "this game sucks" side, we should have plenty of Trek to play for a long time.
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02-05-2010, 04:17 PM
Years ago, me and my Trek buddies sat around and talked about the "perfect" Trek video game. Something that captured all aspects of Trek. This was years ago, maybe 2003 or so.

By today's standards, it would probably take 50GB just to install LOL!

Think of it as:

SFC + Civilization + Elite Force (space combat + colonization and expansion and discovery + FPS ground combat)

in a map (w/ random elements) so large it would take a month to cross in real-time (but one ship could never actually do that of course). You start chronologically at the discovery of warp (or whatever your faction's faster-than-light drive is), and go on forever.

Yeah... not too realistic!

STO is alright so far. I'm giving it a chance. Most of the complaints seasoned MMO vets have don't effect me, as I'm used to single-player games.
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02-05-2010, 04:20 PM
Welcome into the MMO society for all you new players, and goodbye to your social lifes

I agree with OP about the game, i have played MMO's for about 7 years now, and games in general for about 24-25 years...... (i am only 32 so still got some baby fluff to get rid of

Ina few months when the fleets in the game is starting to be more organised, i think the game will really start to shine, as it becomes easier to get the good groups together, and the Raid-isodes will help this point as well,.

And i listen to an interview that the Saturn boys (they have a pod cast called STOked) had with one of the main content developers, and he did not rule out making raids in the future for 10 or even 25 player groups, and that is where it becomes really fun in my opinion.

But now i am rambling again, so Welcome and hope to see you all in game soon..... (pref as Klingon so i can kill you )

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