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# 1 How to: make a Romulan character.
02-05-2010, 05:49 PM
Check my signature for more How To guides.

Spock's plan made sense. Create red matter and use it to capture the super nova. But something went wrong, and now your people have been left with billions of casualties and no home. But you know better, the Federation could not have been capable of such a thing. Despite past differences with the Vulcans, they would not outright commit genocide.

So here you are in Starfleet. Perhaps you're a Federation/Romulan Star Empire Alliance sympathizer. Perhaps you were in the right place at the right time, and now you're one of the Empire's most fortuitous spies. The choice is yours, Romulan.

Romulan M/F


Category - Humanoid.

Head Type
- Humanoid 1.

Skin Type - Access your color palette. Move your cursor to the top right corner. From here move to-

Row 4, palette 12 counting from the left.
My personal favorite.
Row 3, palette 12 counting from the left. A little more green, perhaps too green.

While some argue that the Romulans do not have a green tint to their skin, I included it anyway. First of all, the accent is light enough to not be an eye sore. Second of all, I felt like I needed to do a little more to set them apart from their Vulcan counterparts. I think you'll agree, it looks pretty fantastic.

Overall Pattern - Solid Color.

Base Complexion
- Standard.

Forehead Detail - This part is very important. There are no V-shaped ridges in the premade forehead detail without a little tweaking. This took some figuring out.

Use the Xindi Primate forehead detail. Next, move the detail up to one bar. (1/5) As you can see, all but the V-shaped forehead ridges have faded out. I would suggest going a little under one bar to make the cheek features completely disappear. This is how I got my Romulan's V-shaped ridges.

A suggestion:

Originally Posted by Morgomir View Post
The Romulan NPC enemies encountered in game have the short combed down/forward haircut. Some of them have Klingon ridges that have been reduced to slider bar 1.
Nose Detail - None.

Tattoo/Scars - There is one Romulan tattoo available.

Originally Posted by Reaper11188
A note on the Nero normal Romulan society, one who is mourning will put on henna like marks to mark their grief for their period of mourning. Nero and his crew made their marks permanent to mark their grief for their, just a point of reference for your backstories
Originally Posted by YuriFoxfirega
IA good guide for it is to have the Romulan Tattoo on light and then see what lines up with it naturally.
Eyes - Humanoid. I would stick to white corneas and standard human iris colors.

Ears - Pointed 1 or 2.

Hairstyle - Close 7 or bald seem the most suitable. Play with the others. If a Vulcan would do it, a Romulan probably would, too. Black is the most common hair color, though dark brown could work. Sela only had blonde hair because Tasha Yar was her mother. I don't recall seeing other blonde Romulans.

Short 9 for women seemed alright.

Shininess - I went with none, but it's preference.

Eyebrow - Pointed 1 or 2.

Mouth Accessory - Possible, but rare.

Eye Attach - Whatever you want.

Head Attach Organic - None.


Romulans, like Vulcans, have physical prowess.


Acute Senses
Mental Discipline
Physical Strength


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