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While playing, both in PVP and PVE, I started to wonder why some ships are allowed to have such high BASE values for each Power setting..

Like a Cruiser being able to have a 100 Weapon Power setting feels silly..

Or an Escort with 100 in Aux...

I could understand if the following were true (Just guesses, not really sure if it would work):

Escort Max BASE values:
Weapon Power: 100
Shield Power: 50
Engines: 75
Aux: 25

Cruiser Max BASE Values:
Weapon Power: 50
Shield power: 100
Engines: 25
Aux: 75

Science Max BASE Values:
Weapon Power 25
Shield Power 75
Engines 50
Aux: 100

This would mean that before items, the highest you could set the sliders, or the highest each generic setting would be, would be determined by each ship. Of course I am just Guestimating values, or eyeballing possibilities on the Max when using the slider bar. It would put more stress on the items that actually increase these values.

This is just a suggestion. Not any way or form any hate or dislike of any ship type. Just something I was wondering about, and thought it might be a good Idea.

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