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02-05-2010, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by osashes View Post
A situation when you aren't preemptively taking control - A situation when you plow into a crowd of enemies and are instantly stunlocked and murdered (Like I see MANY MANY players doing) - A situation where you aren't quick with your shield regen hotkey during split-seconds between stuns - A situation where you don't use YOUR OWN stuns against someone who would use theirs.

I could go on and on...

Anyone who is having problems needs to firstly implement themselves a good PvP hotkey system (A.K.A. not 1234567890) It's no wonder you're having problems with stunlocking if you can't access your skills during split second moments.

Dont get me Wrong..

I dont mind the 2 second stun that certain weapons do.

I dont mind the 4.5 second stun from the Rifle End..

I do Mind the Permenant Stun that happens with certain expose attacks..

I do Mind the 10+ Permenant stuns.

I can be 29 meters away and be hit by it.. You CANT avoid it.. Specally from the people that make it their only move cause they dont know how to play ground combat..

I also see people run up to you with the stun phaser and hope for the same effect..

They will run up to someone Hit Stun, now you are stunned for 13+ second with a 10% chance of being exposed and guess what, Vaporized.. There is NO COUNTER to this.. Even with My Nano up which only works 1/3 of the time..

Also the Time for Expose should be lowered. Standing there over 10 to 15 seconds completely helpless is foolish..
Lt. Commander
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02-05-2010, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by osashes View Post
I don't know what I'm missing here.... All I do is ground PvP, other than the occasional space battle, because ground is much more fun. However, I very rarely, if ever, have a problem with stun-spamming, because I "don't put myself in the situation." Am I just constantly playing with feds that don't know how to stun? Really?

I love QQers..
Maybe You never encountered one of those people... But, when you do You eyes will be opened to just how helpless you really are to it..

I am a science Build myself and I wont lower myself to their level cause I am having so much fun trying to play the game the way it was intended.

Also, they need to make melee damage alot higher

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