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It must be those stupid enemy summons. Yes I'm thinking of the war targs and whatever gorn sends at you.

Imagine I'm playing normally and attack a group of klingons, and then suddenly the handlers shoo their 6 ugly war pigs at you, which totally looks like something that should be in WoW instead. But that's not enough: these "war pigs" effectively do almost nothing, aside from running around and covering your view with their ugly selves for no reason and when you kill them the handler just *magically* summons a bunch of new ones from nowhere. What are we playing, champions of sci fi ******** lotr online? It's just as ridiculous as it gets. Not to mention the bugged effects where you just keep hearing SNARF SNARF SNARF on one of your party members despite already having killed the pigs.

Another thing is how dodge/evasion roll does nothing. I can have a klingon swordmaster running at me, he does his heavy swing and I press evade, my character is 2-3 meters away from them when their blade goes down and I see the big red -100 above my characters head because it's evasion roll, it does nothing!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-06-2010, 06:15 AM
The wargs are 'beamed' in just like your turrets and stuff. As for the 'rolls' they DO help, but you have to time it right. And there is still a chance it wont negate damage.

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