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Its so annoying to prep for an engagemnt by activating my line of apprpriate skills...only to look down and see that 1 or 2 havent been activated like I hoped. Im a fast mover on the battlefield, so once Im in engagement range, I have only a short period of time to make it count while maneuvering on/against the target.

I need to know that when I command a skill that its going to happen...even if it has to be queued up. This whole one button/command at a time stuff is unacceptabel in this day in age. I shouldnt have to choose between firing my weapons an selecting a skill. My ship is ran by a crew for Kahless' sake...that means I have multiple crew memebers onboard that should allow for my vessel to multi-task.

Skills from seperate BOs should activate immeaditaly...any additional commands for a BO should queue for one additional command in the buffer until the first command is executed.

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