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# 1 More "Engaging" Space Combat
02-06-2010, 10:50 AM
I had an idea for a change to the way that space combat works; I realize that it would be a major one, but hear me out:

I would propose that there be an addition of a target lock system. It should require a bit of time for the computer to get a good bead on one's target, and this could be simulated in the game by an increased chance to miss which decreases as the lock hardens. I imagine that this could be accomplished through the addition of a hidden debuff which is applied to the player whenever they switch targets. Furthermore, I feel that this debuff should be modified by the current speed of the target such that a faster moving target is more difficult to lock onto initially.

What I feel this would add would be an increased degree of strategy to the space combat system. There would be an inherent penalty, for instance, were an escort to drop to 10% (or -25%) speed as they would be easier for the opposing team to focus fire; they are an inherent threat if allowed to face a target consistently, and adopting this strategy would now come with an increased risk.

Additionally, this would add an increased degree of potency to boff powers which may cause you to lose your target, such as Jam Targeting sensors. By waiting until your target has attained a full lock on you, and then jamming, you could stretch the effective benefit of the power, whereas using it immediately would be a relative waste.

Finally, this could add to the sneak attack nature of of Mask Energy Signature and Cloak. Ships using these powers would be able to bide their time as they acquire a solid lock on their target, and then can decloak to lay in at full damage immediately. Their targets will struggle to retaliate, only to be frustrated by a string of misses as their adversary speeds circles around them raining death!

So yeah, there's my brilliant idea. Sorry for the punny title. If you like it comment, and maybe the Devs will see fit to pick it up, and really spice up STO

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