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First off i want to say i cant believe how well the servers have been doing since launch after headstart i was a little worried and since launch only 1 unplanned downtime, bravo.

So the couple issues im having are when i enter systems for any mission or transfer systems via warp for a mission the game says server not responding on the load screen and i cant log back in for 5 mins or so till it kicks me back out to sector space. then after i get back in i can continue the mission and enter the system that kicked me out.

Everytime i enter ground combat i have to remap my two skills for weapoms my basic fire and alt fire for weapons all my other skills show up just fine just those two never do.

the last one i have noticed is i have quantum torpedos on the front and quantum mines in the rear whenever i activate torp high yield it spits out my mines also even when i dont click them somtimes it doesnt matter because im so close to the enemy anyways, but sometimes it drops them way far out and they never get used.

Not really huge gamebreakking issues but ones i thought i should bring to your attention. thanks having a great time playing so far lets hope it keeps getting better.

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