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# 1 The Sanctuary
01-31-2010, 09:19 AM
About "The Sanctuary"

The Sanctuary is the latest expansion of the TSSG groups. TSSG has been, and remains active in City of Heroes, City of Villians, Champions Online and now we are establishing a presence in Star Trek Online. The Sanctuary is a Federation Fleet taking in members from a variety of species

So what do we do?

At TSSG the main principle has always been fun. We play games for fun so we provide a friendly environment in which to do so.

Another principle of ours is Teaming. In all our games our members have mainly been active teamers, not because they had to, but because they could be. This began back in the CoX games where we ran mission teams, taskforces and the likes even after AE was released. For CO we continued this trend, teaming up just to improve the fun and have a laugh. Now we intend to continue this trend for ST:O. You may ask "Why?", the simple answer is because in our experience, when teamed you can begin to have more fun and enjoy your time in the game even more.

What kind of players do we look for?

This question we have been asked quite a lot in our other games. The answer is that we don't restrict anyone from joining just because of their preferences. As such our members have ranged over various different playing preferences, ranging from PvP through to RP. Some have been focused players and many have been Altaholics.

Furthermore, we don't impose a restriction on location. Although in CoX our members were UK/EU based, once we expanded into CO we began global recruitment. All we ask is that our members act mature.

Is TSSG the right group for you?

If you want to be a part of a group based around having a good time then you'll fit right in.

If however you can't get along with people who have a different playing preference to you then this really is not the group for you.

So do you want to become a part of TSSG?

if you wish to become a part of our community there are multiple ways to join us.

1. You can use our forums at

Please note, if you leave a message on our apply to the sanctuary board for ST:O leave a character name and global handle.

(P.S. The forums are only just coming back to life in the non-member/non-staff sections, and the application section does not require an activated forum account to post in)

2. Join our new "TSSG" chat channel - there were only a few members in this the last time i checked (Very recent creation) but if you join the channel, then once you are playing in live just speak up on the channel and we will send you a fleet invite. [EDIT: You will probably want to say the game too, just so those playing on CO don't try and invite you from there ]

3. Leave a message here.

I think i've said everything but if you have any questions either give me a shout ingame (@Dark_Faith) or leave your question here and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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02-06-2010, 12:05 PM
*bump from Page 24.....* I doubt someone will look that far back...

Just an update on the progress of our community, we've been active now since day2 of the headstart and we are slowly growing, (Just making sure we get the right type of players to start this part of our community off in the right direction). The general nature of our small community so far has been mainly helpful but we are now starting our main recruitment as well as planning out a few community events TBA shortly.

If your friendly, civil, and play the game for fun you'll fit right into our odd bunch.

As said above, primarily we look for UK/EU members, but we don't force it, if your outside of the EU and want to become a part of our community your welcome to join us.

Thats all for now.

Dark Faith

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