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# 1 Annoying GUI
02-06-2010, 02:18 AM
Has anybody found out how to deactivate those anoying Tutorial-Tipps? They last to come allways back and show that this Lt sells this and so on.

Is it possible to deactivate Quests from the Quest-Giver? Lt. Grall with his "Explore the Delta Volanis Cluster" Quest beats the *** out of my Nerves. I understand that this quest gives me Exploration Badges, but at LtCdr this Lt04 Quest is so low, that "Arucanis Arm" suits better. This quest comes also back. And Mr.Sulu and his Defend *** Quest does it at the same level.

Admiral "Idontknow" with his helptext about Fleetactions is not going away with his helptext out of my "Hail Starfleet" Box.

German Version has a lot of Fillertexts instead of the correct Names.
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# 2
02-06-2010, 02:40 AM
The reason those quests keep showing up is because they are repeatable and aren't really tied to your rank. You still get the rewards for doing them.

As for the orange tutorial box...yeah I bugged that in CB I think. Be nice to be able to turn it off. That opeion was available in CO...not sure why its not in STO.
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# 3
02-06-2010, 02:53 AM
Agree on the help text - once you've seen it, you should never have to see it again.

Also, the Info tip that appears every time you enter Sirius Block in Sector Space - great the first time to offere advice, but why do I need to see it coming back in from Regulus or Alpha Centauri? I obviously know how to move around the map at that point.

And whilst we're on the subject, can we not get a HUGE communications pop up covering up combat, just because we've completed a mission step? I'd like to have the choice as to when that pops up, so how about just giving us the glowing comm badge icon at the side of the screen and allow us the option to say "On Screen."

I think the mission dialogue popping up without me prompting it is the most annoying thing in the game. However, given that CO does this as well, I'm not expecting anyone to ever look at it.

Still enjoying the game though.
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# 4
02-06-2010, 12:51 PM
I totally agree with the annoying map pop-up help window. I think I know how to press "M" by now to access the map to travel to another sector. PLEASE GET RID OF IT. It is the most annoying thing for me ingame right now.

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