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# 1 Combat difficulty
02-06-2010, 06:15 PM
I know there was a lot of talk about the combat difficulty in Beta.

I was wondering what people think of it now?

I myself I find it way too easy. Both on the ground and in space. I must admit I am only Lieutenant 5 or 6, but the only real challenge so far was fighting multiple patrols of Klingon's for the Defend Sector Sirius mission without regenerating shields in between or luring two groups together, and that while trying to be alone. Or taking on the 3 warships plus numerous BoP's together with just one other starfleet vessel. There hasn't been a regular mission that has made it necessary for me to use my crew and abilities to their maximum.

And I would love that feeling, to win by some well-timed high yield torpedo volley against the correct shield quadrant which just dropped.

Now it's just too easy. Even the minefield around some asteroid: just fly through it, it can't hurt you. Not so cool.

So, what do other people think?

I still stand by my request for a difficulty option.
The problem with choosing bad skills so you get bad and the game becomes a challenge is that it doens't feel right and your fleet won't be too happy with you, and raidisodes might become too hard then all of a sudden.
A difficulty option just for single player PVE (to avoid a load of trouble) would really mean a great deal to me

Thanks for reading, please comment on this, thank you.

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