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# 1 TIP:to finding cloaked ships
02-07-2010, 02:08 AM
If a bird of prey or what ever ship your fighting cloaks mid fight you can follow it's path normally and see where it will uncloack.

However to catch that suxer at the right spot. Have Mines equipped Quantums for better effect. THey will follow the ship no matter if cloaked or not.

You can follow them with the camera and see exactly where it will reveal it self. Quick press of the Tab, then pess your number for your torpedos.

Make sure you have energy to shields and High yeld on, Also the Alpha pattern helps. For the over kill use the weapons battery.

Fire everything and you will get 90-100% destruction of the ship everything will hit the ship a split second before the shields are back up.

basically your average sitting duck. Anything the torpedos don't get or if the shields are up in time. The quantum mines finish them off.

Perfect 1 hit kill 8 times out of 10.

Just wanted ot share, (there should be a tactics/ guide section on the forum)

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