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02-07-2010, 05:20 AM
1. TOS
2. Enterprise
3. DS9
4. Voyager
5. TNG

I grew up with TOS, by the time TNG came out, i was used to heroes in space sorting out the problems by beating the crap out of an alien, blowing up their ship and making love to their green skinned girlfriend. TOS, Buck Rogers, The Last Starfighter, Star Wars EP4: A New Hope, Battlestar Galactica (the one where Starbuck was Face from the A-team and more than one black person was in the show and they had starring roles).

And that is why I hated Picards, talky talky, peace-loving, pyjama wearing, diplomatic, ship by commitee, take your families to meet the borg crap.

And that is why I liked Enterprise, because again we had a tough captain, who kicked ass, snogged aliens and didnt give a crap about diplomacy (until the end of it when the did that whole war on terror Xindi=Muslim crap, I dont need political commentaries liek that from a sci-fi show, if they wanted to do it like TOS the should have had a muslim on the bridge who said he was the Saladin of all Saladins (like Chekov was the Tsar of all Russias back int he cold war)).

What is better, an emote that makes you pull down your pyjama top before battle, or an emote that makes you screw up your face, make fists and scream "KHAAAAAAAAN!"?

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