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# 1 Voice chat and lag
02-07-2010, 05:22 AM
Ok. It's a new MMO and is buggy and has a tendancy for server crash - fine! That I can deal with, it happens and no doubt crptic will resolve these issues over time.
But I'm a bit peeved at the lag and no voice chat. C'mon crptic, a ST MMO has been in the making for years.. not by you personally but its been there with others and you are the ones that picked up the reins and bought it on to our PCs with a huge amnount of hype on the web to the run up to its launch. What did you expect? A handful of people would only be subscribing?
You say you are overwhelmed at the amount of people wanting to play STO. Really?
It's star trek! There is no other MMO that does star trek. Let's be a bit realistic about this. And now we have lag and queues and no voice chat. I find that very nieve of you.
Your coffers must be overflowing with subscriptions but I don't see it reflected on the capability and grunt of your server. WOW and EVE have chat and no problems witrh it. Yes, they have been going for years but that is (as the Borg would say) irrelevant, its sheer underestimating or money pinching on your behalf.
So lets get it sorted please.
Will I continue tp play STO? Yes I will. It's fun and different and no doubt will improve with time. But slap on the wrist to you cryptic for not putting it in perspective to the amount of people wanting to play it.

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