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Hello Cryptic,

your beta testers probabbly did you tell this already but you need to FIX some things:

1. If you join an pvp instance, you should automaticaly leave other queues.

2. If you join an pvp instance, everyone should be automatically in the same (raid) group <---- IMPORTANT!!!

3. This one is obsolete depending on (2). But the factions need their own instance chat. And since everyone is not in the same group and /zone goes to everyone its not possible to communicate.

4. Fix the winning conditions! At the end everyone wins, thats funny (first win/win situation ever implemented), but not cool. Just give the winning side some bonus so they want to win insted of idle and get the same.

5. Fix the counters. They are just broken. Sometime you have 3 holdpoints and the enemy just 2, but you still lose influence. Im sorry, but your whole concept is stupid. More sense would make just give for every point you hold 1 point per tick and start with zero. Like 0 / 1200. Thats simple, and would eliminate a timelimit for hold maps as well.

Otherwise its a great yet buggy game with great potential (all the holodeck /alternate universe / time quests).

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
02-07-2010, 05:53 AM
#5 is because the way they capture the points is stupid. You take 5-10 seconds turn the point to your team and THEN you have to stay there for a minute for it to actually capture and produce points for your team. Having to wait anymore then 10-20 seconds to capture a point in any game is stupid and this needs to be fixed.

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