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# 1 Weapons Diversity?
02-07-2010, 05:57 AM
i have a very weird feeling that weapons in general are total fail ingame.

i mean.. cant we get some more variety when it comes to weapons? at the moment its all the same dps except for the debuff.

but the bigger problem i see is for example

white dual disruptor II 158dps
green dual disruptor II 158dps +crit or severity or accuracy
blue dual disruptor II 158dps +2 of the stats that green has
purple dual disruptor II 158dps +3 of the stats

cant there be some more scaling ingame? especialy the equipment. in all cases uncommon, rare and very rare gear only have certain modifiers, that seem to not even addup to the total amount of your ships stats.
my ships critrating is allways 2.5%. if i add a blue weapon with lets say 2%crit + 20% crit severity, shouldnt the stats addup to your total crit / severity rating? as i understand the system now, the crit/severity/accuracy only applies to the weapon itself. in many cases it is totaly useless to invest the extra cash for a green or blue weapon if the white is "damage" wise totaly equivalent. i would realy like to see some changes to this system.

especialy uncommon and rare items should not simply have the same amount of dps the base item has. the premium of 2% crit for a single weapon slot is so minor that it is very frustrating to have the choice between (in my case IX / X admiral weapons) lets say a blue dual polaron canon which is IX and a white X. the white one will outdamage the blue one simply because of the increased damage. shouldnt the uncommon, rare or very rare item instead also gain a damage buff?

White 100%
Uncommon 105%
Rare 110%
Very Rare 115%

that would make the scaling alot better. lets make a real life scenario. a lt. commander has the luck of beeing in a fleet action with his fellow starfleet captains and outperforms them, thereby gaining a blue item. that blue item should last him for a while. its a joke if, due to promotion gains access to the next level (in this case rare IV to common V) and his old gear will become totaly obsolete.

Your opinions?

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