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# 1 My concerns
02-06-2010, 05:17 PM
Disclaimer: I say concerns here because I want to set myself apart from those that are just swearing at Cryptic and such. I am not here to whine and complain, I am here because I feel the game has potential and I want to offer my input. So all of my suggestions are meant with respect to the game makers and all those with differing opinions.

Now, these are the areas that really concern me the most and that I was disappointed to either see them or not see them as the case may be.

1. No death penalty.

Yes, I know this topic is hotly debated and I do not wish to add gas to the flame (so please don't come in here and start yelling at me, I respect your right to have your opinion too) but this takes away all the thrill from battle. I dont fear attacking 100 battleships singlehandedly in my tiny ship. Why should I? If I die I'll simply respawn a few seconds later to try again.

And if one was implemented I do not wish it to be something that is so drastic that it kills it for the casual gamers (I am a casual gamer fyi) I just want it to make you have to think before charging.

2. Sector Space

I came from Eve Online. Now I know that this isn't Eve and I am not suggesting we make it Eve. But in Eve you felt the vastness of space, if you went far enough you felt the dark lonely chill of a backwater system.

Sector space takes that feeling right out of the game. I don't feel like I'm flying in space, I feel like I'm sitting at my computer flying across a star chart.

In the shows warp speed was a major part of the show, but in the game the only thing you really warp for is to leave an instance.

I think that it should be more like Eve (again, not saying to make this Eve II) in the way that you should enter a system and have to warp around to the different things in the system.

Some of my thoughts on why I don't like sector space I don't really know how to put in to words but overall those are my thoughts.

3. Too many instances

Instances are great for dungeons and such but it just seems to me like everything is an instance here. I don't feel like I'm playing an mmo, I feel like I'm playing a single player game on multiplayer.

When I get a mission to go kill some Klingon raiders I want to plot a course to the system, warp there, and then find the spawn area of said Klingons and attack. If other people happen to be there then you join in. Instead you run off and hit up a bunch of instances which as I said feel more like mini single player games then an mmo mission.

4. There is no "wow factor" in combat

Theres isn't any thrill really. First off as I have said I know it doesn't matter if I die. And on top of that there isn't even anything where your like excited to find a certain enemy. In Eve I would fly around unsafe space and if a really rare spawn came up it was like the best day of my life all over.

In here on like the first few missions I fought like 4 Klingon battleships and the sad part is in my very first ship I can take on almost 2.

Normally you have to work your way up by first taking on small enemies and then getting bigger and bigger.

On top of that the whole instanced nature of the game kind of takes a lot of the fun out of "ratting"

5. Virtually no money sinks

You gain money when you complete missions, sell stuff, etc etc. You lose money when you want to spend it. Thats pretty much it.

It was said that this game had an economy. Just because you can sell an item you got somewhere on auction doesn't mean it has an "economy". There is no crafting at all, you don't lose money by having to repair or replace items, buy torpedoes, repairing or replacing ships that were lost.

Now, I'm going to put a second disclaimer on here. I am not just complaining, these are my suggestions and I honestly hope that Cryptic steps up and improves what could potentially could be a great Star Trek game.

(I have been very respectful and my comments are meant to be constructive so please don't be rude with your replies)
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# 2
02-07-2010, 06:29 AM
6. No crafting

Yes I know, I've heard it before that crafting "isn't required" or it "doesn't fit the story well."

To be honest I disagree with the former and don't care about the latter. Crafting makes an mmo far more enjoyable, gives you more things too do and is the foundation of a real player economy.

Also some sort of "Jury Rigging" would be nice.

7. Automatic repairs

I just limped out of battle in deep space, hull is buckling and shields are gone. Oh wait! my ship is repairing itself at amazing speeds and either my crew is coming back from the dead or I'm replicating new ones.

This really kills the immersion and again any reason to think before going into battle.

If you had to repair your own hull or go back to a starbase for more crew you would think before you attack an entire battle group on your own. Of course that brings us back to "no death penalty." Why go back to base when all I need to do is get myself blown up and wait the 15 seconds to respawn?

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