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I have been looking forward to this game for sometime and like many others have reservations about parts of it. However something is a miss here

I ordered my copy of the game from ( approved pre-order retailer )

They cancel this on my behalf because they are the most incompetent company on earth. Well almost. They fail to order enough to meet their pre-orders. Therefore with one day before release I am left with finding an alternative. I ordered specifically for the Borg Officer.

I then order another Gold Edition copy of the game from europe somewhere. I forget where but it does not matter. This is dispatched for delivery next week. No problem I think should arrive Monday if I am lucky.

Cryptic then say headstart keys will be ending soon. Then promptly end most of the US. My key came from Cryptic and although I live in the UK ( key end 8th apparently there ) I have mine cut off also.

I have contacted billing which ofc we all know do not work at the weekends. Support will not help. Therefore I and many others are left wondering do they actually know there a**e from their elbow.

The mere fact that they stopped all headstart keys is laughable at best. It is there way of saying "We got new servers" when what it really means we stopped half of you from playing.

The game is incomplete and if you live in the UK for example you cannot login until after 1pm everyday because the servers are down everyday for "maintenance" If anyone believes that statement. So not only are you not getting to play most of the time cos of downtime. They actually think that removing the headstart access so we can all pay to not play the servers.

Seriously bad management, structure, and marketing to say the least. I am almost tempted to send the game back when it arrives. The downside is there are not enough people who would do that and therefore they will continue to shaft the majority as they have been for the last week.

Pitiful , just pitiful.

end rant.

Now I need cake.

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