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02-07-2010, 09:06 AM
Bigwig you really don't like this and you keep saying hard earned money your right money we earned not you so don't tell us how to spend it please. You sound like a dev for another online mmo and i know there are some playing from other mmo's but please if you have a comment make it and quit telling me how to spend my money. If you dislike this game that much see ya later and take "your" money somewhere else.
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02-07-2010, 09:20 AM
I am actually completely shocked at how vapid an experience it is to play STO. Other than space combat being fun for a day or two there is absolutely NOTHING to this game. The missions are so utterly boring and repetitive that after paying the game for just a few short days I do not want to play it for another moment.

People saying that this is simply "MMO" gaming are completely wrong in my eyes. I have played several and NEVER has any other MMO been this boring this quickly. Other MMO's consist of large worlds open for exploration, new sights, new enemies, character classes that are fun and interesting to level, some strategy, community and a sense of place. Star Trek has none of these things.

Its the first MMO that i have played that after playing all of one hour you have seen everything the game has to offer. I really am utterly appalled that Cryptic feels this game is worthy of a month to month fee. This game should have been either a free to play MMO or a $20 dollar single player game with slight limited multi-player.

I am really curious just what people who are loving the game love about it. Just that its Star Trek or do people actually think what is on display here is in any way shape or form a satisfying experience. Good luck Cryptic, you are really gonna need it.
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02-07-2010, 09:33 AM
Thanks for the replies. Seems I pretty much got the gist of the game.

Shame I had hoped that STO might have broken the mould somewhat.

With the scenery (well it is space) and the combat so much the same in every instance. I cant see me even getting the serial out the box.

What about planetary exploring, mining, surveying, solid good old fashioned crafting, Cargo and Passenger runs (off the top of my head). Anything other than dull round and round lifeless combat.

Did they even watch Star Trek before setting out there three point plan for this ? In which series did they blast every ship they came in contact with?

But to be honest I'm not even going to bother registering this boxed copy. I'll head back to EVE. I'm not keen on PVP but at least with eve I have SOME challenge. I'm a Tad disappointed, but I'm not surprised.

Perhaps I'll come back next year.

Thank you to those that took the time to answer my question.



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