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Hey, I'm looking for an 18+ fleet now that I've decided what char is my main. (I'm 23)

As the title says, I have three T2 chars, one of each (see sig). My main/first I'll be leveling to admiral from here on out is my science char. Then eventually I'll go back to my escort and cruiser after that whenever I get the time. My Klingon awaits more content and not just leveling content.

For myself, there's a reason I'm looking for 18+ some of the discussions I can get into are not for children by any means I'm just trying to protect the kiddies from myself. As you can tell by my avatar, I'm an anime fan so if your fleet has anime fans as well, I'm probably a good fit. (heck, my science vessel/char are named after the Full Metal Panic! series )

I'm a 'hardcore' player forced into a casual stance (my job prevents me from any specific availability times as I work in a 365/24/7 environment. I have worked Christmas day, it blows, I know. It's a living.) I take my characters in games fairly seriously, tweaking this and that, trying various methods/equipment to see what works out best to scrape out that minor improvement. As you can see, I waited till I tried the T2 versions of each 'class' before I made my choice of what I was going with. Don't worry, I'm a 'noob sympathizer', not an 'elitest jerk' who rags on other members for whatever reason.

In other games I've been a "class captain"/"raid leader" for multiple guilds/factions. In other games I've done each of the 'holy trinity' and in some cases I've been given comments such as "you've restored my faith in <insert class> tanking" Seriously had that once, made my day and still does. (I should note, I'm not looking to be a raid leader/class captain, I've done that job before, don't feel up for it anymore. Especially with my work schedule, can't put the time in required for it.)

I enjoy PvP as much as PvE, I've pulled off high 'ranks' in various PvP systems. Although that was when I was on a more stable work schedule.

So yeah, that's more bragging about myself than I normally care to do but there it is. Give a set of characters a home

Please message me first instead of just sending an invite in game, I'll probably just decline it if it's not introduced. I like to know what I'm getting myself into ahead of time, thanks *bows*

Thanks for reading

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