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During the earlier missions, I thought the ground combat was terrible, but perhaps I am getting a little better at it.

I obtained a tool or ability to put out fires, a sort of handheld fire extinguisher. Last night, the Klingons started using what I think is a photon grenade that sets people on fire and the fire burns green. A Klingon set himself on fire and then started running around setting enemies on fire by approaching them, just like a Klingon would do.

He set one of my bridge officers on fire and she ran around and I could not catch her to put the fire out. Another officer was unconscious, so I was able to put the fire out, but it took a long time to put out.
I caught fire once and I was unconscious and my bridge officers could not put the fire out and one of them caught fire trying to treat me. I had to click "respawn".

Is there a means of putting these fires out or not getting ignited? There is a "fire suppression" kit and I have one, but it is for suppressing weapons fire, not fires.

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