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# 1 ThlIngan Hol Help Request.
02-07-2010, 11:12 AM
I didn't know if I should've put this thread here or in General, but I came here as this is the Klingon Section of the STO Forum. I am here to ask the help of the local experts of the Klingon Language in converting terms for English to Klingon written with English letters so I can use it for my Klingon character and ships in STO.

Here are the terms I need converted into Klingon if someone is willing to help me.

-Margon Son Of Marog. (Margon Marog puq'loD? Marghom MaroH puq'loD?)

-Margon Of The Klingon Honor Guard or Honor Guardsman(-Klingon?) Margon. Whatever will fit under the "Bones" section of names.

-Kri'stak Volcano. (Fiery Kri'stak Mountain? Burning Kri'stak Mountain?)

Please help me with these requests. Others, don't be afraid to post your questions here as well in hopes of getting them answered. Qapla'!

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