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Originally Posted by Tennil
I've often been 1v5 in the ground combat to start, but later more klingons appear and it evens up, but it always gives the other team a headstart. Whilst I think the idea of having even teams has merit and often think that perhaps the timer before starting to allow team mates to arrive is good, in the current game, as a klingon I have to pvp to level, so I would rather get annihalated and level up than have to sit arround waiting for enough feds to have enough of their quests to come and play.

having said that, i know it's not much fun when you get massacred on the pvp arena, but it happens to both sides, if you play federation and only get beaten then you must have some bad luck with teams, I can say this because often federation teams have wiped the floor with the klingon teams I am in, some times it is crazy even and i've been in both winning and losing games where it's 39v40.

I keep reading nerf this over powered that, and I don't want to go on the learn to play boat, but perhaps a play more boat and you'll see that the dynamic of the game changes with the team mates you get and the team players opposing you.

Having said all that, I still think there are some things to be ironed out, but they are things that effect both sides - like expose/hold etc.

[edit: sorry, I did read your posts but read other threads before hand, you were talking just about even numbers and auto-grouping, both good ideas. ]
Yea I currently dont see a need to nerf anything yet. There could be minor tweaks here and there but theres nothing majorly obvious that needs nerfing. They just need to work on the sheer mechanics of PvP and the framework it runs in I.E. Auto-balancing, Auto-grouping, ending if scenario is empty etc

I play the objective scenarios so noone can hide in there as they will just lose all the same but a scenario timer on the 'arena' scenarios would serve well to stop the cloaking Klingons.

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