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After a couple of weeks I wanted to share my opinions, and invite others to do the same.

To start with I have to say I don't hate the game. I am not sure why because it seems to be filled from tip to tip with shortcuts. It's not fullfilling anywhere.

1. The biggest content elements I've seen so far are restricted to 5 people. The missions are fast and don't promote the slightest interaction or friendship building excersizes. An MMO that focuses everyone into groups of 5 or fewer really shouldn't be called an MMO.

2. Space combat is very poorly implimented. If you want to gain altitude you have to climb at an angle forever or make huge circles climbing more like a Condor using wind currents than a vehicle under it's own power in space. Not being able to climb stright up, dive straight down or loop just doesn't feel like space. I was told there were never any episode of Startrek where ships climbed and dived straight up and staight down or did barrel roles but this is not true. Even if it were true everyone knows how Space works and at the very least our ships should work as well as airplains. Combat in STO right now is more akin to fighting in commercial helocopters.

3. The map is outragously weak and useless more often than not. Why can we not use it to find our friends or even strangers in a zone? Startrek focuses very much on being able to use scanners and quite underpowered. It's weaker than the maps in Pirates of the Burning sea and that map was simulating paper and was nothing remotely special.

4. I don't like the over the shoulder view. The only MMO to ever use it was Starwars Galaxies when they seem to have been trying to drive players away. It was so unpopular they took it out.

5. The Exchange. OMG!!! this is what it's like in 2000+ years? An exchange where you can not sort by item or cost is pretty darn weak.

6. I would like the option to not see the people on my Champions friends list. It adds way to much clutter and reminds me of just how many people purchased Champions and then walked away because it was filled we lots of shortcuts and way too little real content. Maybe if there was just an option to hide Champions friends on the list unless they also have STO accounts, or maybe there could be something as simple as a hide this friend in this game button.

7. Do we have any support? I opned a ticket 5 days ago and no one even responded with as much as an f-off. It's just sitting there unanswered. A game this bugged should have support.

8. Guild interface is broken. Fleets are going to be important if this game as it is today is going to do even as well as Champions has.

9. Let us traid gear between our characters please. Most of us only have 2 perhaps 3 characters so why not?

10. A Shared Bank, even old games have them and some have had them for a very long time.

11. LAG

12. Startrek has skirts, Strek online doesn't

13. Button mashing is not fun. Give us auto attack buttons. Why did you not do it to begin with? Surely this wasn't a popular item to leave out even in Beta?

14. All the crashes are really taking the fun out of this game

There are some things I do like.

1. The world is very attractive.
2. The zones are pretty cool, maybe a little small and the caps are very low but the concepts are cool.
3. The space stations are nice.
4. There are some very cool people playing it or at least there were when I started writing this post. :p

What are your ideas? What do you like or dislike? What would you like to see changed?

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