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# 1 How To: Fast Ground Combat
02-07-2010, 11:50 PM
After 35 levels of open beta, and 45 levels of live, I got sick of ground combat taking so long, so at about ~35 on live, I put together an away team for clearing ground scenarios quickly. The general idea is this:

Have your away team spamming AOE expose attacks, equip AOE exploit attacks on your captain, watch the disintegration.

-It helps to have 'superior luck' on every member of your away team, Bolians tend to have this trait most commonly.
-I like the assault style weapons: full auto for expose on my officers and auto-targeting for exploit on my captain. I think the cone effect is bigger than for rifles, but I haven't tested
-Put two exploit weapons and cycle between them as the exposed enemies pop up
-Target Optics, Medical Tricorder, Tachyon Burst are all nice AOE exposes that couple with this strategy.

It's remarkable how much of a difference the expose stacking made for me, hopefully this helps other people.

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