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# 1 I Need to know something...
02-08-2010, 04:12 AM
Ok so I have been playing STO since the last patch and have noticed a few bugs.


This post is not meant as a complaining thread and I want no belly aching over this. This post is ment to tell me if it's my computer at fault and other bugs others have noticed.

Now at time my attacks do not go off when I want em to.

Sometime I will press *a* or *d* to turn my ship and it does not turn.

Now Has anyone else had this problem or anything simalar? Is there any update on this matter.

Also if you have any other bugs that you noticed please post em.

This post is to judge weather or not it's on my end or if Cryptic may have gotten the odd glitch while patching.

Please don't troll on this thread.

After a few posts have been posted I will run a diagnostic just to be sure on my comp.

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