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ok if you have limited mobility and are stuck having to use the mouse for most gameplay or have trouble useing the mouse and KB together for the most part mainly, with the WASD keys, heres a temp fix i found on my own yesterday morning , hopefully the devs are thinking or fixing a better way for us to use these WASD keys

for game play options go to video and set it to windowed maximized but you can try it other ways.

ok go to your Ease Of Access programs, and open up the on-screen keyboard, afterwards youll be able to put that keyboard on top of your game screen, now what i did for the size of the KB was move it to the bottom right off screen untill it got to the D key, this left me with just a small square of the KB in the bottom right corner, now i went to the game and rearanged my Hud just a bit and now that little Bit of KD with the wasd keys showing thats there fits perfectly.only prob i have is after choosing character you may have to move the KB up to hit enter or whatever to jump into the main game, once to your ship or base move it back down.

hope this helps.

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