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Hello everyone, I would like to say that I like STO, I have no real problems with it...except with the UI. I would like more customization options with it, basically, you know the window with all the abilities in it, if you go put it at 3 rows, you lose your BO interface and the weapons interface! I would say that, at least for me, that is really annoying, I want to have 3 rows on my interface, but if I do, I lose the easy accessibility of my weapons and BO, so Crytpic, can you let us be able to increase how many rows our quick bar has, but still be ale to keep the BO skills and weapons window (the real name eludes me right now.)

Also, with the power distribution, I would like to be able to have a 4th preset, so I can increase power to auxiliary systems on a fly, I had to put my power distribution window to 3 so I can do it. That really is kinda a pain, because I accidentally change power setting in battle, and really Cryptic, it would be so great if you allow that so the pain will end, thank you.

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