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02-08-2010, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Ericdee
You guys that "know" what your doing offer the best excuses for why the IT guys are fail and wil continue to be so. Instead of offering great excuses on their behalf, why dont you just apply and get a job there and offer your "vast knowledge" to fixing the problem instead of justifying the endless server crashes and failure rates.
Because of the following reasons:

1) I already have a great job working for a credit card payment processor. You want to talk about uptime? 99.999% transaction processing uptime, 24/7/365. Seriously... when was the last time that you went to buy something at a store and it didn't work because we weren't online? I'm pretty sure that, as boring as it sounds, it pays a lot better than what Cryptic is paying those poor guys.

2) I don't care HOW educated, HOW intelligent, or HOW long someone has been working "in the field". When you come to a new system, you're useless for a while, until you learn the new system. Might take a few days, might take a few weeks, depending on complexity. You can't just throw people at a problem and expect it to go faster. They need to know what they're doing, or else it makes everything worse. LOTS worse.

3) Read my any of the posts above. Nobody is justifying anything. All we're saying is that sending the NOC for Star Trek Online a bunch of hate e-mails isn't going to help anything. Why be a douche to the guys who, no matter what happens, are doing the best that they can do to get you up and playing again as fast as possible.

Seriously,'s a video game.
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02-08-2010, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by Tamek View Post
^ I'll play a violin for them. And their managers. And the engineers and whatnot.

Wish Cryptic would hire some outsource guys or some of those laid off folks on unemployment who know what the hell they're doing with the pile of cash they've made in the last few days, though.
Your level of ignorance in business, game industry, and general economics, astounds the heck out of me! How did you even manage to buy the game and make an account?

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