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# 1 Questions on Combat...
02-08-2010, 11:09 AM
If Torps have a 1 second CD, then why am I still seeing 3 & 4 photon volleys from a single ship? Not the AoE ones but the bam-bam-bam-bam...
In the same vein, How are Romulans able to fire off more Heavy Plasma Torps (ie from Torpedo: High Yield) than they have ships. It is not uncommon for me to encounter a flight of Romulan BoPs and have 1 or 2 extra Torps in the air (as it were). 3 Bops, 4 torps... 2 Bops, 3 torps... sometimes I get 4 torps from 2 BoPS.

If Science vessels can detect cloaked ships better, when does this happen? I picked a Science vessel for my first character, because of this and sub-system targetting. BoPs still uncloak 7-8K away and start wailing on me or they cloak 3k away when I'm wailing on them. I thought it might have been Aux power so I've kept that pretty high. Just curious as to what circumstances, cause I aint seein it (literally).

My T:HY enable torps dont like to fire with a not so trivial percentage. I activate the ability and time my shot for the moment the shields drop... and... nothing. No Torp (heavy torp for plasma, double torps for regular). I get a CD on the launcher, my T:YH power up icon goes away. Of course 6-8 seconds later, I'm out of position, the shields are up blah blah blah... Worse... T:HY is still on it CD.
What the heck?

Also, My heavy plasma torps like to stop and do nothing. I thought it might have been the area I was in; my enemy ducked behind an asteroid (annoying but fair I guess). But I'm getting this in clear battle zones. The torp fires and doesn't do anything. Sometimes it fires and travels halfway there only to stop. Target still exists. Target is still shooting at me.
Which is the strangest part.... My heavy torps get shot down constantly. EXCEPT when the torp 'stalls' as it were. OR when the Targets shield miraculously regenerate even though I'm pounding on that very shield facing. Its like the AI knows the torp will stall out or it plans on regenerating enough shields (despite incoming fire) to get the 'shield damage' discount (for lack of a better phrase).

Any thoughts?
This might seem simple to you people... but I'm missing something.

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