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# 1 My UI wants
02-08-2010, 01:21 PM
I have been playing STO for a little bit now... and a couple of things I would like

1) Ability to take a screen shot with the UI
Right now, when I want to take a screen shot of the UI, i have to use print screen and MS paint (or equivalent)... any screen shots I take in game remove the UI, and I can't figure out how to change that.

2) MOAR BUTTONS (sorry, was in walrus mode)
when I was going through the bindings (looking for a "screen shot with UI option") I noticed that the bindings for the action bar goes to 12 (- and =)... but i can't figure out how to enable this in my UI?

3) MOAR POWA (ok, i swear, no more caps-lock)
I would like to have more items that I can drag onto my action bar, more powers if you will. I would like to be able to drag "fire all weapons" onto my action bar and make it #7. I am told I can do this with a binding command line... but that is arcane and very non intuitive.

3b) Saved power Settings too
I want to be able to drag my power settings (maybe even the saved ones) while I am in space to the power bar... i want to be able to hit 8 for max to guns, 9 for max to shields, and 0 for a custom one I saved which is max to aux

4) revamp or explain bindings.
I remember bindings from when I played CoH. It was this long arcane command line that I had to hope would work. How about a more intuitive "bindings or macro" window or editable section. Maybe make it so you can create macros, and then choose to drag them to the power bar, or setup a key bind for them? but make a UI or it.

5) fix the chat windowing system.
I can't drag out a tab, or at least I have not figure out how to. I want to be able to watch my f;eet chat in one window, a private chat channel in a second, and have the normal NPC/zone/local in a third

6) make transwarp cool down tick while logged out.
If i use transwarp and login back in the next day... i don't want to see that I have 25 minutes left on it's cool down.

7) Exchange
um.... ... I don't know, honestly, where to start. It is functional, for a certain quantity of functional.

8) More data please
Please provide more exact data on our characters and ships. I would like to see a metric for my maneuverability. I would like to see my defensive chance. I would like to see the stats and values that i can manipulate via gear and traits that I can see on the tool tips, but are hidden on the character page.

I am pretty sure there is more... but this is a first.

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