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02-08-2010, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
STOs PvP requires for people to change the way thy think. They think that they will jump into cruiser like a glorious captain Kirk, equip beams and couple torpedo launchers and will be as unstoppable as USS Enerprise killing blowing up everything that moves in sight.

Give me 3 Klinks face to face with 1 properly slotted fed cruiser tank, fed science support ship and a fed loaded escort ship and we will tear those klinks apart one by one.

PvP in STO is GROUP-BASED. Not 1v1... And in any group based PvP its all about ganking. If klinks play right they will first kill support, then escort, while probably losing 1 ship and have heavily dmged the other and in the end it will be all about 1 klink v 1 fed cruiser and all about who knows better how to play their ship properly.

PvP abilities are also different from PvE, while in PvE pure DPS can be good enough, in PvP you supposed to be more versatile.. etc.
QFT. This.

In STO PvP, it's all about who plays better as a a team. If the Klinks play as a team and the feds don't, the Klinks win. If the feds play as a team and the Klinks don't, the Feds win.

And if the Feds play equally well as a team as the Klinks do, the Feds win. Because of the Fed advantage in ships, Feds win all ties. Klinks HAVE to play better than Feds to win. Feds only need to play as well as Klinks to win.

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