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02-08-2010, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by TrenchFeeder
As far as I understand it. Your "Rank" means nothing.

You have levels like any other MMO, they just have a different name. If you're Lt.Com 5 youre not Lt Com 5, you're simply lvl 15. It's all Symantics
yeah, but Im able to stack my specs much to well if Im 7-8 levels above him. I watch it each night i hop on...the +level ships pop -level ships much easier...they dish out much more damage or have much more whatever.

The weapon, hulls and shield specs should pretty more or less flat through their progression...boost the othe stuff more. That way, once your shell is cracked and the soft under belly is exposed...it'll be definitive no matter who you are, what rank, what ship class, etc...as it should be.

2 q-torps from any ship should hit just about as hard as q-torps from anyother. 2 q-torps should have flatten my BoP, I'd wager 2 q-torps impacting naked hull should have utterly crippled just about any ship minus the Carrier...and severly hampered the Galaxy and Sovy/Neg'var...I dont care if it was fired from a specially equipped Miranda. The vast majority of weapon output is and should be inherit in the weapon itself.

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