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# 1 Bridge Officer bug report
02-08-2010, 03:12 PM
I've reached Admiral mk V today (yay!) and I have several bugs I'd like to report, most of them involve around bridge officers (BOs) and several wishes I have regarding them.

Background info, I'm playing a fed science officer and I'm flying in a science vessel.

Character skills
I found several abilities and tooltips unclear/ broken.
Let's start with Starship beam weapons and Starship torpedo weapons, according to the tooltip I can teach my BOs the ability Fire at Will III and High Yield III. That's what the tooltip says, but it fails to tell you that appearantly only tactical officers can teach their BOs this ability.
I'd like to have this clarified in the tooltip, it bothered me quite a bit since it was one of the first skills I maxed out and then found out that I couldn't teach my BOs anything.

Then let's follow up with the tooltip for ground science ability Nanite Treatments, according to the tooltip for maxing this tier 5 ability out you can teach your BOs Nanite Health Monitor III. What I discovered though is that instead it allows me to teach Nanite Health Monitor I, which still costs me 300 merit to teach a BO. I checked out the Power store BO trainer though and I can get the exact same skill there for the exact same price... Which made me wonder why I just wasted 4500 skill spoints. I'm not going to rant about respecs and stuff since I know those will get added, but as you can probably understand it's kind of frustrating, to put it lightly.

Anyways, in this particular case I want to be able to teach my BO Nanite health monitor III as the tooltip says.

Let's continue, there is also the tier 4 science ground ability Psychology. I wanted my char to be a psychiater as well and the tooltip promises me that 9 ranks of the skill allows to teach me Neural Neutralizer III, instead it allows me to teach Neural Neutralizer II. I'd like to see this fixed as well.

Now a good bug, earlier on I also trained my character to be a Doctor. This was not supposed to allow me to teach any skills according to the tooltip. Instead I can now teach Science team III, which should also be teachable by Scientist. This does make me wonder if Scientist is perhaps broken?

I'm sure there are other skills that are broken or have a wrong tooltip too, so you might just want to check them all out and the skills they allow you to teach.

New BO abilities
I have several science women on my crew and I love them to death, so I want to take them with me as much as I can on my away teams. For this I taught them several abilities, which seemed useful, but I found out I liked other abilities better, or I changed the function from 1 from a medic to a debuffer.
I had several abilities trained full, for example Medical Tricorder I, which had 9 ranks.
Now about 3 - 4 patches ago you would keep the BO points you already spent in training a BO skill if you trained a BO. Now if you teach them a new skill, for example from Medical Tricorder I to Tachyon Harmonic I you lose ALL points you already spent on that skill.

There wasn't any note about this in the patches, so either it's a stealth nerf, or it's broken. Since I'm sure you wouldn't do something as dirty as a sneaky stealth nerf I can only assumte that it's currently broken, right..? Please fix this so I can stop losing my precious BO skill points.
(So far I lost about 6k - 7k and still have a GM ticket open to see if this can be fixed and refunded.)

BO away team
There are several missions in which BOs don't function as they should. The following is a summary of current issues;
- My friend had an engineer BO with a medical generator fetish, all the BO could do was make just that generator and keep it on cooldown, it didn't matter wether we were in combat or not. I believe the BO is now put in a torpedo tube and shot into outer space. Please save those precious starfleet lives and fix this bug.
- In the last mission I did I went into the cage of fire (adm III mission), whenever BOs were running around on the bridge they got stuck and could only be moved by setting the waypoints.
- In one of the random explore missions there is a mission where you need to save medical Starfleet supplies from raiders. It starts with investigating, then scanning and then 3 more scanning. Hostiles also beam down to the planet after the 2nd scan.
In this mission the BOs always fall through the ground, it's a mountanious map, which is what I think causes the issue. If you die and respawn the BOs stand next to you but when you run away they magically disappear and end up being stuck underground again.

BO craft wish
From one of the Ask Cryptics I understood that players would be able to train BOs in skills that only that player could get, for example Nanite Health Meter III and then be sent to one of your friends, or sold.. err "put up for recruiting" on the Exchange for a fee.
Also you were promised that you'd be able to take care of a friends BO and then train it up and give it back, or in general teach their BO a useful skill.

This system doesn't seem to be implemented yet, or at least I couldn't get it to work. Please change it in such a way that once a BO is assigned you can also trade it to other people again so you can teach them skills and then send them off to other players.
It would add a real aspect to the game if we can specialize in certain skills and train each others BO's in them. Also right now I would never be able to get a BO with High Yield III since only tactical carreers can train and I'm a science carreer.

BO bridge wish
I have a certain Vulcan male commander, who I'd really love to be my 2nd in command. In one of the bridges there is a set up where he can take place in the seat next to you. However I usually find one of the other tactical officers sitting in there and he's sitting behind a random console.
I'd love to get the option to decide who should sit where on my bridge.

Right now that's about all I had to report, I hope you can do something with the feedback.
Other people posting here, if you feel bad about something I mentioned then please keep the trolling/ ranting to a minimum, the game will always stay in development (a finished game is a dead game) and we just have to patient to get some issues cleared up or other issues being fixed.
I'm not expecting any Cryptic reply to the points I mentioned, but if it's not too much asked I do hope to get some feedback on which issues are being looked into and which issues weren't known yet.


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