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# 1 Smart targeting?
02-08-2010, 04:16 PM
Maybe I'm different but I tend to focus on the mobs that can summon objects first before the actual objects (pets, mortars, etc.) themselves.

It's really annoying when I'm targeting "Mortar" and then find out I've been shooting at the cannon while the actual mob has summoned 3 more.

Is there to prioritize the actual 'Pet summoners' instead of the pets?

It's really confusing when you have graphics glitches or lag and you are targeting 'Mortar' only it is NOT the 'Mortar' but rather the 'Mortar.' You can't go by the graphics because it's lagging and if you wait for it to load...bad idea while under fire.

So far my work around is a lot of zone pausing and then hitting the tab key a lot.

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