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# 1 Ground Mission Level Design
02-08-2010, 05:39 PM
I find the design of the ground missions to be very poor. Specifically, the interiors of buildings/ structures are laid out in an illogical manner.

Many play more like obstacle courses than actual locations. In some cases, large rooms are connected by hallways, and you are forced into a linear mode of exploration.

This is annoying because if you miss a critical item, computer terminal, etc, you have to backtrack through the entire level in order to find it. In addition, I cannot imagine what the function of these rooms must be, as there are no pieces of furniture to distinguish them from any other.

I did a mission which entailed going through a series of rooms in a large cave structure, and interacting with computer terminals in each room. Why would there be one computer console in each room? It's a CAVE. Large, open cave rooms with one terminal somewhere in there. No furniture... and these aliens were supposedly living on this planet incognito and influencing the population. In a very sparse cave. Not too believable.

I can understand if the developers wanted to have you fight through the entire area, then they should put some actual thought into the design. Try placing a living quarters up front, and then maybe a mess hall, armory, etc. before finally getting to the computer terminals in ONE room in the back. It can be linear, but show some kind of progression.

Think of your house, or where you work. Every room has a purpose. Now place an encounter in that room. Makes things more interesting.

I've seen this 'obstacle course' style design several times in the ground missions, and it just makes me shake my head. It is lazy, and it kills the immersion.

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