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# 1 Enemy siganal bug
02-08-2010, 05:50 PM
I am getting sick of flying through sector space and BAM i get pulled into a Enemy signal mission , this need to be fixed as it annoying, they seem to just appear out of nowhere and don't give you a chance to cancel, and also when you arrive in the miossion they enemy are right on top of you and you die within ten seconds,

there should be some room for players to move before being hit by enemy fire, just before, I was flying to Lilith system in pi canis and bam out of nowhere i get sucked in ( like a black hole has appeared.) to a signel mission.

If the devs could fix this so that they don't just randomly appear and suck you in, since when you actually want to play thoses missions you have to go find them and are prompted to join, I can't see why the random appearences can't have this option or can't be removed altogether, it would be great if this could be addressed in the next patch.

PS. I'm currently A Lt COM 4.5 (as i'm half way to Lt Com 5)So I aint a noob B,itching about this.

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