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Hello everyone,

The more I play this game, the more I find myself confused by the user interface. While it looks pretty and is (mostly) functional, there is a rather disturbing lack of consistency that basically forces me to memorise 3-4x more than is necessary about how to navigate it, and some elements of the design are just plain bad.

(N.B. If anyone finds the phrase "just plain bad" offensive, please note that it is the nicest way I could put it).

A few examples: -

If I am on a station the "beam out" button is next to the map, but it's grey and I have to click the redundant tab button at the bottom-right of the screen. There are lots of examples of this in-game, including (but not limited to) the inconsistent "warp out" function.
I would suggest the use of single buttons for important functions.
The Xbox interface (yes, we're familiar with lazy porting) constantly gives me redundant information when I can just right-click on things, or click on the exact same option that usually appears in the tabs on the right. An option to disable the Xbox type scroll/choose boxes should really be in the HUD settings menu.
I would suggest an option to use either the Xbox dialogue box or the side tabs, but not both, and I think that right-click functionality should be enabled regardless of said UI option.
The skills list that appears in your character status screen really should just have its own window. There are far too many skills to be constantly scrolling through a tiny box like that.
I would suggest "ground skills" and "space skills" buttons in the character status window. Clicking these would open a dedicated "skills window" to the right, that is at least as tall as the main window itself to limit frivolous scrolling.
If there is a way to change how many rows columns the inventory and bank give you, I can't find it.
This is pretty self-explanatory.
There is no way to sort anything. Items, mission lists, items on the exchange(!!). This is just odd.
Also self-explanatory, and I'm sure it's being worked on.

There are a million and a half more examples that I, and others, could probably add to this list but the jist of it is pretty simple. Make sure the art and design team have a single decision-maker focusing on keeping things consistent because, as it is now, the UI feels as if it were put together by something of a committee that didn't communicate.


P.S. As of the last patch I can not right-click on those "yellow loot balls" that drop in ground combat. I have to use the Xbox choice box or the tab on the right side of the screen to pop up if I want to loot. I can still interact with pretty much anything else just by right-clicking on it, so I shall report this as a bug in-game.

P.P.S. I have no design education of any kind, which is why I find it so odd that these issues are present in the game.

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