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02-08-2010, 08:00 PM
Seen some great ideas, probably too many ideas now for everyone to read but in case some one is reading this far have a few things id like to see.

Short Term
  • Bugs and server issues but I would imagine thats being sorted anyway
  • Explanations of EXACTLY what each thing does, astrometrics = what? exactly what skills does it improve and how exactly does it improve them? Everything needs to be clearly explained and detailed exactly what happens so that +10 to phasers = +10 damage when phasers are fired for instance
  • Something more to do in the ground missions rather than just press 1 or 2
  • Gold spammers being kicked off
  • More of those cool art works for loading screens

Medium Term
  • More Ships
  • Choosing an defiant over a vigilant meaning something, its just cosmetic at the moment. Its great, i love the cosmetic stuff tis a great system you have designed but each ship should be different in more than looks, a defiant class is different to a vigilant class etc
  • more life on the planets, birds, bees etc
  • not just kill kill kill for starfleet, needs more morality!
  • more places, i like that we can visit risa and vulcan just to sight see but more stuff to do? interact, learn about the planets and the people. need to be able to do that for earth too
  • Planets should rotate
  • diplomacy options, first contact situations, more stuff that doesnt involve firing anything, pressing v to scan or f to start some sort of timer box thing
  • People are getting to the top level waaaay to fast, i saw admirals flying about within days of launch :S thats maddness people are going to get to the top and think oh? is that it? and leave too quickly.

Long Term
  • Ship interiors are a must! ready rooms to display important stuff, quarters to perhaps play mini games, personal items, customise it, make it your own, main engineering, sickbay, all that. Missions taking place on your own ship too, chance to explore, interact see the red shirts.
  • Transwarp to any station any system, still 30 mins cooldown
  • more stuff directly from the shows, liking the content with guardian of forever, doomsday weapon etc (I admit theres probably loads i havent found but even so, more is even better lol)
  • ground mission overhaul, theres been loads of suggestions on these forums, pick the best and do it!
  • star bases in each sector
  • 360 degree flight or at least the option to move on the z axis, corkscrewing is baaaaad, sooo many people said this during closed beta, open beta, headstart and are saying it now, it needs sorting!

Theres probably more but im tired, might add some more later. I think its fair to say that this is a great game though, and could be a major success, #1 in the UK! not too shabby cryptic, pleaseeee keep up the momentum
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# 122 My three suggestions
02-08-2010, 08:15 PM
1. Short term I would like to be able to zoom into first person with target hairs on my starship like I'm sitting in the captain's chair looking at the strategic view screen, a great way to incorporate the bridge in actual game play.

2. Mid term I would really like well written episode missions like "City on the Edge of Forever", missions of that epic caliber, for the Klingons and more on the Federation side are always nice.

3. Long term I would love the addition of good voice talent like David Warner and Jennifer Hale. But be careful Cryptic, I would rather have NO voice talent at all if they are tacky untalented voice over I would want to mute. If you ever use voice over from David Warner or Jennifer Hale it will be guaranteed win.
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02-08-2010, 08:39 PM
1. end game content. ( I know it's on the way. )
risk vs reward increase.
fauna, and indigenous life on explore planets.

2. ability to save, and share planets.
travel in sector space from bridge.
more quests.

3. full interiors
player housing on saved planets,
fleet space stations in orbit around saved planets.
Excelsior enough said.
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02-08-2010, 08:53 PM
Short Term :

Remove the level cap and allow people to invest in all skills if they wish or come up with more skills.

Better information when you click the "Info" option on an item....

Lower the Price to buy fleet bank Tabs.

Mid Term:

Adding personal quarters to your ship and allowing more non PVE/PVP content. Maybe a few mini games like going to your personal quarters and inviting a friend over to play a game of chess etc.

More fleet Content such as a fleet own starbase or even some kind of housing system on star bases were you can have fleet office rooms that have personal stores and such etc.

More Non PVE/PVP content and more PVE/PVP content :3 .

Long Term:

Id like to see the game run smoother. Currently I am running on a computer that is far above the system requirements to run the game yet I have issues running it on high.

More Options as far as fleet's go besides just having a bank/logo/uniform. Alliances and just general things as previously said like starbases and things of that nature.

More end level content and alot more options as far as ships go . Also being able to have the option to go rogue if you want and be a trader or a pirate etc.
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02-08-2010, 08:55 PM
-Short term
Increase Server capacity

A better LFG system or possibly an option to autogroup for all missions


- Mid term
More fleet actions.

More variations in exploration missions, and this one is important to me.
I am not the one to know star trek refrences or all the terms and such but when I think star trek I think discovery and adventure. And you would think exploration missions is where you would find it but scanning 5 objects or killing 3 patrols of ships over and over... it doesn't seem like I'm boldly going anywhere but rather repeating the same mission with a different backgroud. I can understand how it might be difficult to develop many different missions but I would like to see more interesting stuff going on here. I mean the series are basically all about the exploration, a little more content is deserved here imo.

An endgame option for solo players
I know this is an mmo and I'm looking forward to and will be a part of the raidasoids they plan to release. At the same time, going back to the show, the Enterprise does so much on it's own, through the use of their talented crew and captain. It only seems fair that the option for much harder missions that require the use of one ship and one badass captain should be availble. I mean i love playing online with others but sometimes you want to test your capabilities on your own.

-long term

Some sort of instanced place where a fleet can call a home and gather for events, mabye a instance accesable through DS9 or the like or even something like free range sectors where fleets can setup their own star bases or claim owner ship of planets where they can develop buildings, civilizations ect.

Alot more sectors, and more variation to the sectors.
as it stands now the universe is very small and all the sectors look the same. Every sector is basically devoted to a level range currently so as you play through you see every sector there is and by the time you reach a cap you've explored everything there is and there is no mystery left to the game. Mabye there could be sectors that are in utter choas with black holes and mysteious energy signatures. anything but the ordinary.

10 man or 20 man raidisodes
I've read how they plan to have 5 and only 5 man raids. I think they should seriously consider adding 10 to 20s. It's an awesome feeling when you get 20 people together to work together to complete a difficult task. I think it will add longevity and difficulty to the game that 5's cannot. I'll reserve full judgment until I try em but as the saying goes the more the merrier.
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02-08-2010, 09:01 PM
Short Term
  • Want my weapons holstered on beamdown -- Ill take them out when I need to, thanks
  • Fix the weapon abilities being removed from the tray every time you beam down
  • Put some wildlife on the planets we explore -- not every time but occasionaly

Mid Term
  • Improve the exploration process -- swimming in a fish tank waiting for food doesnt cut it
  • Missions that allow me to give the commands instead of being spoonfed what i have to do by my Boffs
  • For Cryings Sake put in our ship interiors and give us missions aboard our ships, good interiors pls (to scale)
  • The ability to pilot your ship from the bridge out of combat at least -- yes I want the view screen to work

Long Term
  • Add a Holodeck to our ships which can provide experiences similar to the shows
  • Add more Factions and a factions standing system
  • Add Option to be a merchant traveling between systems buying low/selling high type system
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02-08-2010, 09:07 PM
Short Term:
Bug Fixes: this goes without saying.
More community: The bad part about CO-style instancing is the lack of a server community. Is there any sort of informal, non-fleet option for creating communities of players? Not so that you'll be pals with everyone in your community, but enough so that you can say "Hi" to one another and maybe join together for a PUG.
Gold spammers: Put in a rule where nobody can send tells or mail until they've passed the tutorial. That should at least slow down the spam hordes.

Medium Term:
Ship interiors: I know you guys are partly done with this, but it needs emphasizing how important this is. Boarding actions were a huge component of all the series, and besides, it'd be nice to just tour your own ship, redesign the layout, and such, not to mention piloting your ship first-person.
Klingon content:Again, goes without saying... yet here I am saying it.
Levels not being a direct modifier in combat: By this I mean, if someone shoots you with a Mk I phaser, it shouldn't hurt 5-10x as much just because he has 20 levels on you. Levels properly grant advantages in ship size, gear, skill points, and so on... it really goes against the Trek universe for there to be a level modifier above and beyond these natural benefits. How much would Star Trek II have sucked if Khan could not have even scratched Kirk's hull because Khan was so much more inexperienced?

Long Term:
PvP boarding parties: Tricky, but goes with ship interiors. You board the enemy player's ship and transfer control of your ship to an AI Executive Officer. The enemy player must either hope his AI security can kill you, or relinquish control to his own AI Executive Officer. You gotta admit, this would be an A+ in the Coolness department!
Starbase or Colony Development: These things should be "long-term-temporary" so that a fleet could maintain a starbase for a few days but not expect it to last forever.
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02-08-2010, 09:17 PM
Short Term:
1. Stability is job one... nothing else is that important if sectors crash or "server not responding" becomes pervasive. To be honest, this launch has been smoother than many I have seen, but it should still remain the focus.
2. The bug queue: fixing those minor to major annoyances that I'm sure are arriving faster than they can be resolved. Mission rewards and bugged mission objectives should top that list.
3. Holster those weapons on beam down, at least as an option we can select.

Medium Term:
1. More peaceful mission content. The Federation are carebears, so on mission with "scan X" or similar as a goal, a bonus should be available for peaceful resolution.
2. A mild death penalty in PvE. This shouldn't be EVE, but it should discourage "die, pick yourself up and try again" mission completion (not prevent, but discourage).
3. Transwarp should use the curves in Sector Space to make sector travel faster (but point to point on the curve to avoid it becoming the *primary* travel method).
4. Scanning (in some missions) should be a mini-game (not just press F, but some puzzle to solve).

Long Term:
1. Romulans as playable. Probably as an expansion to justify a whole new PvE system that focuses on stealth in space and politics on the ground.
2. High level content, PvP and PvE.
3. Ship should be explorable (I'm not big on role play, but it would be a good expansion).
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02-08-2010, 09:26 PM
Short term: fix the simple UI issues - names not showing above your character, allow NPC names to always be on, etc. More options in character creator. Fix bridge officer skill sharing, or at least make it clear how it works.
Medium term: fix the less simple UI issues - better descriptions/explanations for skills, ship attributes, etc. Know how they affect which skills.
Long term: "fun" activities - vacationing in Risa, holodeck stories, improved Quarks Bar. non-uniform clothing options.
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02-08-2010, 09:35 PM
Short Term:
- Stability and capacity issues ironed out (for good).
- More UI improvements including allowing for additional action bars, configurable an independantly movable chat tabs.
- REAL diplomacy and exploration content.

Mid Term:
- Ship Interiors and access to a ready room, your own quarters and key ship areas, like Main Engineering, Sickbay etc as well as the ability to control your ship from he bridge during combat.
- The ability to give ship positions (ie First Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief medical Officer etc) to your bridge crew
- Sector Space improvements - no grid option, ability to have all vessels within sensor range listed like planets are and getting rid of the "stands" each solar system is connected to the "ground" by in sector space.

Long Term:
- Fully navigable starship interiors, being able to walk from one end of your ship to the other, pass crew in the halls and generally just be able to live aboard your ship.
- Holodecks made usable for flash back type missions or able to load "entertainment" type missions set in different era's.
- More starship types - nebulas, ambassadors as well as "new" classes.

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