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02-08-2010, 07:00 PM
Seen some great ideas, probably too many ideas now for everyone to read but in case some one is reading this far have a few things id like to see.

Short Term
  • Bugs and server issues but I would imagine thats being sorted anyway
  • Explanations of EXACTLY what each thing does, astrometrics = what? exactly what skills does it improve and how exactly does it improve them? Everything needs to be clearly explained and detailed exactly what happens so that +10 to phasers = +10 damage when phasers are fired for instance
  • Something more to do in the ground missions rather than just press 1 or 2
  • Gold spammers being kicked off
  • More of those cool art works for loading screens

Medium Term
  • More Ships
  • Choosing an defiant over a vigilant meaning something, its just cosmetic at the moment. Its great, i love the cosmetic stuff tis a great system you have designed but each ship should be different in more than looks, a defiant class is different to a vigilant class etc
  • more life on the planets, birds, bees etc
  • not just kill kill kill for starfleet, needs more morality!
  • more places, i like that we can visit risa and vulcan just to sight see but more stuff to do? interact, learn about the planets and the people. need to be able to do that for earth too
  • Planets should rotate
  • diplomacy options, first contact situations, more stuff that doesnt involve firing anything, pressing v to scan or f to start some sort of timer box thing
  • People are getting to the top level waaaay to fast, i saw admirals flying about within days of launch :S thats maddness people are going to get to the top and think oh? is that it? and leave too quickly.

Long Term
  • Ship interiors are a must! ready rooms to display important stuff, quarters to perhaps play mini games, personal items, customise it, make it your own, main engineering, sickbay, all that. Missions taking place on your own ship too, chance to explore, interact see the red shirts.
  • Transwarp to any station any system, still 30 mins cooldown
  • more stuff directly from the shows, liking the content with guardian of forever, doomsday weapon etc (I admit theres probably loads i havent found but even so, more is even better lol)
  • ground mission overhaul, theres been loads of suggestions on these forums, pick the best and do it!
  • star bases in each sector
  • 360 degree flight or at least the option to move on the z axis, corkscrewing is baaaaad, sooo many people said this during closed beta, open beta, headstart and are saying it now, it needs sorting!

Theres probably more but im tired, might add some more later. I think its fair to say that this is a great game though, and could be a major success, #1 in the UK! not too shabby cryptic, pleaseeee keep up the momentum

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