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I know you guys in the art department have many things going on atm, but...

Well, you've probably heard/read this before. I mean, I can complain that the Admiral/Khan pants are a bit too light in the Gray department and an overall BLACK color is needed.

But the Men's only shirt option with the Mirror Universe is just.... I don't want to rant, but it is not very Mirror-Universey in the classic sense.

I mean, I really don't remember seeing this in the show; it's more like a playboy jacket (which...ain't bad actually ). Of course, I am talking about the top that Kirk wore; we can't forget this. I am sorta sensing this will be in the C-Store, but...bleh, I got a Champions sub (for different reasons) and this is the reward? I just feel...a bit sad looking at it; expecting something else.

(Okay, looking at it again, I realize it is the same top worn by Mirror-Image Spock; I guess I am too much a Kirk fan. ;P ).

Although I still would have preferred the Kirk top, I will look at the bright side(s) :

1) You did give us the basic crew-men uniform of the Mirror Universe (the one Scotty/Sulu wears). Adding a sash to that is easy (except it doesn't have an option to put a Mirror Universe badge on; only a Starfleet one...)

2) This (Spock) jacket could pass for one of the TOS dress uniforms...a bit (the scarf/neckerchef kinda takes away from it...and no medals). So, I can color it green or red or blue (or even gold) and get away with it. Not perfect, but creativity to the rescue.

And we can't forget, we still can't dress up our BO's in this stuff.

And then there's the women outfits...

Well, do what you can. If you could toss me a Kirk-Mirror top, I'd be happy.

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