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This is really a minor issue, but I have been mildly bugged by it since CB.

When we start up our Klingons and "battle for a command" in the arena, we tend to get the SAME BOs. Same names...even same races (and sexes).

I know it is easy to change out these guys soon enough and we can re-name them instantly and dress/color them up differently, too. But all I am asking is just some variety, even if it is JUST the names.

Really, how hard would it be to link these particular BO names to the name randomizer? I keep seeing Talash, Kobor, and the rest of the crew a bit too much (maybe I've been playing/creating Klingons too long?).

Heck, there is not even a chance to get a random Orion or Naussican. And Talash is always a Tactical Gorn Officer and Kobor is always a Klingon...well, you get the idea.

Like I said, just add some variety. At least the dang-names.

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