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Hello All,

I applaud the accomplishments of the STO staff in bringing Star Trek Online to us the eager game player. I fully understand the massive amount of work and problem solving that comes with launching such a massive endeavor. However, there is the customer side. One must not assume that because the product you have is in so much demand that it really doesnít matter weather you lose a few or not. My belief is that every customer is important and customers have family and friends after all nothing can beat word of mouth advertising, which, can translate into future customers. Therefore lending a lack luster approach to customer issues can create problems. Frankly, logistic for game play issues and problems that may accurr should have been factored in the planning of the game. Trust me I understand the great amount of work as well as planning involved but, still you do have something going here with STO that can give other competitors a run for there money. One issue that has seemed have reared itís head from what I perceive from friends I have playing the game here on the east coast is the, ďYou are not allowed to log into the server at this timeĒ. This is occurring daily some of us only have a window of time to get in some game play and we find that we cannot. Paying for services that you canít get access to when you want doesnít sound or look like good customer service. To top it off it seems no one is trying to address the problem. Other issues include the purchase of Cryptic points that donít show on the account in or out of game. Working access to the website email. Iím sure there are many problems customers are having with their accounts. Iím not bashing you guys, I know you have a lot on your plate but how about taking care of some the customer account issues that seem to be getting larger. Thanks for hearing me out and thanks for doing a good job so far. To those who may not agree with my post, well that is your right. Peace Out!

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