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# 1 Sector space... Really?
02-09-2010, 08:41 AM
STO has a lot of potential and even though a great deal of the game is rough around the edges I enjoy almost everything about the game. That being said, sector space is ruining the game for me.

After finishing a mission I have come to loath that little button on my screen that reads “depart system.” It should be changed to “depart fun.” The sector space maps are monotonous, the long travel times between missions seems pointless, and the fact that random encounters will pull you into instances without even so much as a by your leave is irksome at best.

An easy fix to sector space would be to allow players to traverse it from the comfort of their ships bridge. While I’m not wild about the ingame system or galaxy maps there isn’t really any need to change them, just make them accessible from a players bridge. As it stands now I almost never manually pilot my ship in sector space, rather I delegate the task of charting my course to the helmsmen (auto navigate via system list).

Cryptic seems to be all about the instances and player bridges are already ingame atm. Allowing players to navigate sector space from their bridge seems an easy change to me. Just show the player icon moving on the map (which it already does); maybe set the system map up on your view screen, or show sector space from it, even keeping it the same generic stars on space background as it has now would be fine.

Also, allowing teams to beam onto one persons bridge and travel around that way would be an awesome addition since in theory you are all headed to the same places anyways (group quests), although this would just be gravy (getting rid of having to pilot my starship in sector space is my primary concern).

Making sector space traversable from your bridge doesn’t even have to be a change forced on players just please make it an option.

I really want to continue playing this game, but with each trip across sector space I have an increasingly harder time justifying my subscription.

If you have any thoughts on other alternatives to sector space travel, care to comment on the idea I put forth, or even have any suggestions for how to improve the existing sector space journeys (anything would be an improvement at this point) please share them.
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# 2
02-09-2010, 08:53 AM
This is a good idea. Aside from the fact it is monotonous, it is also not terribly immersive. I'd like the option of viewing from the bridge or ready room with a view of space, like in the TV shows.

I understand why they do it the way they do from a utilitarian view, but it comes across as a little Wow-esque (cartoony). Give us the option of avoiding random encounters....if we can immediately leave them anyway, there doesnt seem a point to forcing us to stop.

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