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02-09-2010, 02:12 PM

I don't usually moan about computer games, but i feel compelled to vent slightly.

I don't have alot of time to play on the computer as i have a full time job. Generally get in at around 7, eat by eight, sit down at eight thirty and would generally like to unwind with a beer and tv or a game.

If i was forced to sit down and write a review for a gaming magazine or website based on my experience of STO based on my current gaming experience of this game i could most likely complete it in a paragraph. Here it is.

" Loading screen is nice and bright, musical score is the same as the historic series. Password box is rectangular and responsive to key presses (love the key click sounds). The "You are not allowed to log onto the server at this time" screen is more than a little annoying. I have no more to write on this game as this is basically the most content i have seen at this time. "

Now, i used to game alot. I mean alot, back in the days of atari 2600, i then moved to the megadrive, then to n64, then to ps2, now xbox 360 - somewhere in that timescale i found coin-ops. coin-ops ravaged my wallet. long hours were spent playing streetfigher or various gun cabinet games. i was especially fond of silent scope back in the day. but i sucked and sucked HARD at that game. i mean, i could probably spend 3-4 per 1/2 hour spent on that game - however, i was compelled. i loved it.

NOW - in comparisson based on my time played, vs time i have had this game, vs the time i sit looking at the "You are not allowed to log onto the server at this time" screen mathmeticians could likely find an equation to calculate that the game so far (without waiting for a patch to sort overload issues or w/e) would probably equate to approximately the same cost on a per hour basis like i spent on silent scope. But, the screen moved on silent scope. and i could shoot stuff - now, that literally equates to ALOT more content than the "sorry you cant login screen"; a whole lot more!

Now, i'm going to try and login just one more time then i am off to make paper star trek enterprises and throw them at the wall whilst making phaser sounds in an effort to make myself feel better about the 30 I just spent on this game.

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