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I have had several run-ins with my sniper/turret or other power animations looping and causing me to /killme minimum once per ground mission. I've submitted several tickets about this but have never been around to actually talk to a GM (because they are busy folk).

I'll list what I suspect is happening but if anyone else has experience or a simple fix for this I'd love to know!

I use a G13 game pad which is set to autofire some of my powers. Mostly because, as a captain, I should not have to poke and prod my subordinates to do something. I should just say "Enact DonkeyBarf Tactic Alpha Zenith 5" which they are trained to know and repeat until they mutiny. But I think that is best left for another post

Anyway the rapid succession of "clicked" powers is most likely causing the behavior but it'd be nice, fixed.

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