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# 1 Where the heck is that?
02-09-2010, 08:13 PM
It would be nice if the missions would at least tell you what sector they're in. ie. "System Pavonis KZ Investigation"... I received this mission a while back, go to review it and it pretty much says "Discover Ship's Fate" as the description of the mission. I don't know where the ship is exactly... is it the Pavonis System, if so could you at least tell me the sector I'm supposed to be in? Hail StarFleet and I get yelled at by the admiral but he doesn't tell me where the heck the ship is neither nor does he tell me where to begin. Maybe even he doesn't know

This goes for pretty much every mission. If you leave mid-mission and come back the next and completely forget what you were doing you need more info than that. Give me a sector, a system name and a little description with at least the basics to remind me what I have to do.

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